Ethan Paulini is superb in the role. He is equally effective at delivering both humor and real emotion, often in the same moment...The role calls for a wide emotional range, and Paulini beautifully captures the vulnerability of his character...
— Cape Cod Times (Side Man)
Paulini effervesces with emotion, striding across the stage in a dynamic performance of the young novelist who hits the big time. His songs are dramatically performed with exuberance at that first strike of love and with soulful remorse as the relationship dims...Paulini expressively captures the sentiment in Brown’s soulful lyrics.
— Cape Cod Times (The Last 5 Years)
Ethan Paulini nearly stole the show in a brief interlude as a halting academic.
— Boston Globe (Gross Indecency: The Three Trials of Oscar Wilde)
Infuriating for other reasons was the bullying of cousin Kevin, a most annoying, sadistic young man, played to the max by Ethan Paulini.
— Island Packet (Tommy)
Ethan Paulini, as Stephen, shows tremendous range as he adroitly embodies both the rigid perfectionist pianist in the opening of the play and more human, compassionate young man at the end. His evolution is genuine and heartfelt. Paulini’s voice is rich and robust in his solos and sweet and innocent as he works his way through his life lessons.
— Cape Cod Times (Old Wicked Songs)
Impeccably acted and sung by Ethan Paulini as Jonathan. Paulini, who never leaves the stage, is a personable, high energy Everyman who is immediately charming and sympathetic.
— Cape Cod Times (tick, tick...BOOM!)
Paulini works his craft as hard and as well as anybody. Whether in the background, or the front of the boards, he never turns down his performing skills.
— Barnstable Patriot (A Class Act)
The man with probably the hardest single job in the show, Ethan Paulini as Malcolm, who sings “You Walk With Me”...nailed it. I say hardest, because it’s the song everybody knows and expects to be wonderous, and he did well with it. Not too much voice, not too much heartbreak, it was good, real good.
— Arkansas Confidential (The Full Monty)
Paulini...possesses the best voice in the production, and also ranks as the best talent in the show in all respects.
— Provincetown Magazine (The Full Monty)
Paulini has such great stage presence, he steals the scene every time he appears as mama’s boy Malcolm Macgregor with his spot-on timing, facial expressions and beautiful singing voice.
— Cape Cod Times (The Full Monty)
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Best Performance of the Year

Tick, Tick...Boom! 

The Full Monty